Jogging Stroller Pick For Budget Minded Parents

Graco is one of the more reputable brands for children, and their FastAction Fold running stroller is another fine example of what why this company is so popular with parents. For active Moms and Dads, finding a stroller that can stand up to the demands of moving at faster speeds, as well as being comfortable and easy to transport, may seem like a daunting task. With many higher priced strollers that may seem like too much of an investment, this model may be the perfect alternative. But as we almost everything, you may just get what you pay for.

What makes this one of the top option for the casual jogger is not only its robust feature set but the also its lower price point. This particular model has a lot of positives that make it a great value pick. It ranks well among some of the highest rated jogging strollers currently available for good reason. It promises, safety, maneuverability, and comfort. But does it deliver? Let’s find out.


The FastAction Fold Jogger Stroller by Graco truly combines the ease of use and performance of a jogger with the comfort of a standard stroller. The jogger also features a storage basket and a smartphone holder. You can even create your very own travel system as this stroller accepts infant car seats. In fact, opening and closing this jogger is very easy as well as effortless. You just have to pull the unfold/fold strap to close and open this item. With a lightweight design, this product is very portable providing a smooth ride too.


You can even recline the seat so that you can make your baby feel more comfortable. There is also extra cushioning that will provide your child with all the support he needs during longer runs or strolls. The harness will keep your kid secure and safe. If you have toys, food and diapers that you need to carry with you, the storage basket will allow you to store them easily. Keeping everything you need within reach is very easy thanks to its storage compartment and cup holders. Lifting your kid in and out of its seat is also easy.

Awesome Ride

Rubber tires give you the smooth ride your child deserves on any terrain. If you need added stability, lock your front wheel while jogging. However, you need to unlock the front wheel for quiet strolls. The paddle seat will ensure that your kid will ride with all the comfort in the world. In addition, you can even recline the seat so that you can adjust the position. The front swivel wheel will provide the outstanding ride you have been needing for any walk or job out with your kid. And the large canopy will protect your child from sunlight.

Carry Your Essentials

You can bring any of your essentials along thanks to a storage tray. This tray features a phone cradle and storage basket. You may also bring along a sippie cup and drinks for your child, because this stroller features a tray with storage. Even on a bumpy terrain, this stroller will take it with ease without tossing your kid around.


This stroller is very lightweight folding up easily too. This jogger will glide beautifully on any sidewalk or road out there. In addition, the item is very easy to handle over any intersection, curb or dip. The frame is very sturdy and the whole product well built. You can use the brakes to hold your stroller in place while on a incline. The handle of this stroller is very well positioned for any walk out there. Though a little bit heavy, this jogger has easy-to-remove wheels that re-attach securely. This stroller is also very robust.

Pros and Cons

As with just about every product on the market, there is no perfect stroller for everyone. We have found a few points that show up over and over in some of the more popular reviews of this product. Some of these include:


– The unit stands up by itself when you fold it.
– There is also a nice, big basket in the bottom.
– This product can also hold any smartphone quite nicely.
– This item’s sun shade works very well.
– Price


– The cellphone holder might not store anything larger than your iPhone.
– The sun shade might seem quite limited to you.
– Lack of an adjustable handlebar.
– Not as easy to maneuver as some other strollers.


Exercising with a stroller can have numerous benefits for any family. Reviews of this Graco jogging stroller seem to be a little mixed. Parents give it decent scores, but there are models available from BOB, Baby Jogger, and Joovy that rank much higher in owner satisfaction. It is hard to beat this stroller on price, especially since some other models can cost around $400. However, near $150, the FastAction Fold jogger does offer some value for the money. If you are in a pinch and have budget concerns, then this would be a very capable stroller to buy. If you can afford to spend a little more, then there are plenty of joggers that may give you and your child a better experience.