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I would like to think that this will be the most popular page of this entire site. Breech birth is becoming less common. The attitude towards vaginal breech birth varies around the globe.

With the advent of Hannah's "Term Breech Trial" calling physicians to perform cesarean for the breech presenting baby, many of them birth attendants in certain parts of the world are losing the ability to attend a vaginal breech birth. I hope that by viewing these pictures you will find your way in making your choice for birthing your breech baby. The conduct of a breech birth is highly dependant on the attending "catcher". Reflect on the differences of the births you are about to view and note who is attending which birth, and in which country it is occurring.

Please note!!!

Many of these births you are about to view are graphic pictorials of emerging babies. Many of the pictures are close up.

Some pictures and pages have been removed due to the fact that unsavory characters have been stealing the images. Please bear with me me while I put protection in place to preserve the ability to view these pictures without anyone stealing them or using them in an "inappropriate manner"

Thank you.

The birth that started it all.

Angela's Birth

This collection of pictures was taken from the video of my labor and birth of my breech baby. Please note the calm atmosphere. I had only my own personal team attending to me. The hospital staff were very much off side and only doing minimal monitoring until baby was on the perineum.

   Please read her story here.


The Birth of Izaiah John

 A planned home birth.  The mother births this 8 pound 10 ounce baby into her hands in the upright position. The mother rejoices afterwards saying.... "That was fun Honey, when can we have another" .

This birth is a wonderful pictorial of a very "hand off" breech birth.

A Footling Breech Birth

This is a wonderful pictorial of a footling breech with the mom birthing on her hands and knees. This birth is attended by three experienced midwives at home.

During the last stage of the birth, the intact membranes containing amniotic fluid bulge from the birth canal, and the baby begins to be born surrounded by the caul.

Vaginal Breech Birth

This is a pictorial of a breech birth that is very medically managed. Involved in this birth are: a generous episiotomy with the baby being "delivered" with forceps. These pictures are not for the squeamish. The only part of the woman viewed is her crotch, as if the rest of her does not matter. Very textbook and sterile with all the draping of a very medicalized birth.

Breech Baby on New Years Day

This baby was born at 12:30 AM on 1-1-04.  She was a frank breech born to a third time mom.  Mom was sectioned for breech with her first baby, had a birth center vertex water birth with the second.  This mom is well-informed, is a doula, and made an  educated choice to have this baby at home.


Home Breech Birth

Olga didn't want a cesarean, which she was being told by all other traditional caregivers.


Home birth. Second baby comes footling breech.

Assisted Footling Breech Birth

Again another medicalized birth. This is how the typical vaginal breech is managed. There are plenty of drapes and all the focus is on performing "maneuvers" to get the baby out.  Again forceps are used as two attendants manipulate this babe's entry into the outside world.  To view this birth one must scroll a fair ways down the page. All pictures are in full color.

Upright Vaginal Breech

Once at this site you must follow the progression to the "birthing images" page (link on left hand side of screen) and then link to the "breech birth".

This shows a very nice progression of a breech birth. The mother is sitting on a very special birth chair. Just goes to show that it can be done. And without a lot of fuss. enjoy!

Homebirth Breech

This is a very graphic birth

(in development)

Faeryn's Birth

This is a hospital birth. The pictures are very graphic in nature. The physician is very hands on as well. This birth can described as a breech "delivery".

Faeryn's Birth Story


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