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(disclaimer! these next three stories appear on a website associated with Nestle. I would like to state that I openly boycott Nestle products, but, due to the nature of Heads Up!, these stories are on the web and about breech birth, so they are appearing on this site.)

Caitlyn Sarah: A premature birth, for mom it is a beginning of her education about learning all she can about birth. This is a sad story.

Miss births her surprise breech No one could believe it. The doctor was walking on air for the two days I was there, and we were the talk of the hospital that week. I love sharing this story with people. If you want to chat with me about this or anything, feel free to e-mail me.

Breech birth, quick and easy!

Delia births breech At 32 weeks, my midwife said she could feel the baby's butt deep down in my pelvis. I thought "Oh god, no!"

Blair Vaughan - baby Blair is born after all the right cards fall in this mom's favor. Unmedicated breech birth with an audience.

Colin's Birth - "The dr. arrived and checked me. He looked shocked and angry. I wondered if I was still just 4 cms and they called him early. He annonced that I was 10 cms and breech!"

Breech Birth on the Families for Natural Living website-"My husband and I had been apprehensive about having a home birth, but we felt we had no choice. "

VBAC Breech Birth-  "My husband left me to get on his scrubs thinking he had plenty of time, because they would do a C-Section. At this point I told my doctor I had to push really bad. He said, "We're going to deliver this baby vaginally."

Birth Story of Peter - "The next day, a midwife determined the baby was breech, and by their protocols no longer a candidate for home delivery. I was crushed."

Birth Surprise in Jerusalem.(twin breech birth) - "I had had no labor, no warning. I couldn't fight the urge to push, so I quickly put a towel on our bed, lay down on my side and simply let my body work."

Breech of Faith-"I am learning that in birth (in everything) there must be trust regardless of the situation. I am not talking about blind trust without education!!! I am talking about trust in myself to birth this babe the way I know I can ....." -  Also see her birth......Angela's Birth

Cesarean for Breech- if your contemplating surgery for your breech, read this.

Ivy's birth - Baby turns breech for this second time mom.

James Birth - "I don't think there was anything risky about it. In fact I believe that home is the safest place of birth for most babies."

Planned Breech at Home - a midwife's story about a mother's desire...to birth at home.

Breech Tales - joyful or tragic, the outcomes of our birth choices will follow us to the grave.

Mitchell's Birth - I believe that God allowed me to find the only doctor in town that assisted breeches to be my doctor when I just happened to be carrying a breech baby.

A Father's Tale- "Your baby's presenting breech". (Ha! fooled them, they hadn't noticed until now, the feeling is almost one of revenge!), "We must call a doctor fast". A disaster is tangible in the air. 'Emergency' and 'Ceasarian' fly through it on wings of panic.

Samantha's Birth "About three weeks before my due date we realized that the baby was breech and started trying to turn her...".

A Remarkable birth - "Over 40? What has that got to do with anything? Three sections? No problem. Breech births? We love breech births." (this story is more about attitude than a breech birth.

Birth Story of Alessandra Jeanine -"everybody I told about this looked at me with incredulity because most people seem to think a C-section is automatic with breech babies."

Courtney's birth  - "I had been examined the midwife said I was 7cm dilated and that she felt something like peas. I went into panic mode. I kept repeating "that's my baby's toes, it's upside down".

Mark's Birth - the birth of a 9 pound 8 ounce breech, a story with an edge.

Timothy's birth -"If I had know he was breech before I went in to labor I would have still had him at home".

Birth Story: My Breech Birth: this tale was found at ivillage's Parentsplace. This is a first birth for this mom and dad.

Willie's Birth - This mother follows her dreams in birthing this footling. A gentle entrance into the loving arms of his mother. View her web site here...BornFree

Semi-Kneeling Breech at Home - When we discovered that the baby was going to be breech, my co-workers in the labor and delivery department at a local hospital were aghast that I would even consider a home birth

Double Breech Twins -  Their birth was really the fastest of all my labors, ..., I don't believe the birth would have been any "better" had I gone to a hospital.

Surprise Footling Breech - we got "sole" instead of "crown."  A footling breech, right here in the tub of the downstairs bathroom.

Surprise Breech in Hospital - the other nurse checked me and agreed with Yvette, and that's when Yvette turned to me and said that well, the baby was breech.

Bethany's Breech - A parade of medicKneeling Breechal students in green scrubs introduce themselves to me and line up to get a look at a "real" breech birth.

Leslie Nichole - It was funny to watch my friends though, they would be talking to me then I would push and everyone would run to see the feet poke out.

Mikhail  I am thrilled at the chance to crow once again about the natural breech birth of my first child.

Kerrigan Brooke- I'm glad I had her vaginally - I wouldn't change that part at all. And I'm SO glad I had that opportunity!

Carolyn Leigh - "Yvette [the midwife] did another internal once my water was broken to determine how the baby was positioned, whether the head was face-down or face-up, that kind of thing. She got a puzzled look on her face and said....."

The Barlow Family's Story - "As the baby began to show she took a step back and I was the one responsible for assisting our son into this world" (quote by Timothy's dad)

Ida's Story - notes on my breech birth, and brief notes about some other breeches I have known

Tale of Tzion - "I asked him if he would even consider delivering a breech baby vaginally.  His answer was a slap in the face, each word resounding through my body like a harsh clanging bell......"

Etanna's birth - After the next contraction, I wiped and saw on the toilet paper that there was solid black meconium- no dilution at all- just thick and dark. I suspected a breech instantly. This birth story appears on the Birthlove website.

Laura - A resident asked Barb if we were going to a "section room" and she said in no uncertain terms, "No, we're going to delivery!"  In the delivery room it was a cast of thousands since it was 7:30 in the morning and everyone wanted to see the rare vaginal breech birth.

Spencer I was already fully dilated and pushing when the midwife checked me only to discover a "bum" instead of the head. (Note: the midwife in this story is the same who attended me during Angela's birth)

Twins Born at Home - This is a story of Miriam Ramirez Gonzales, 19.  It is a story about how we came together,  her Prenatal care, and the births of her twins.

Chakrabirth - "I had my second son at home with a midwife.  We didn't know he was footling breech,......"

Emily Births Breech - "the student midwife was the one checking me...she thought that it was just a "fold in the baby's head"... Pretty soon she was whispering to the midwife " I think it's a bum!"

Sophie's Story - I planned a serene home water birth, the pool was set up, scented candles arranged and community midwife briefed on my desire for no intervention, water delivery and a natural third stage.  So what happens?  He arrives a week early, weighs 7lb 13oz and the home water birth goes completely up the spout (excuse the pun).

Double Breech - [my sister] called the local sheriff's department, and asked the sheriff to come out and force me to go to the hospital! He called me, and I assured him that it was NOT necessary to go to the hospital.

Lisa's Breech

Vicki's Breech

Mark-"When I got to 38 weeks, she did a vaginal exam and told me she thought that the baby was presenting breech... a few days later I felt the baby turn again ... Then, I felt him turn again (!!), so he was once again vertex... now 40 weeks, he turned again (!!!). "

Jim -  "a beautiful 10 pound, 22 inch rounded head boy" is born breech over 15 years ago.