The Perfect Toaster Oven For Juggling Moms

As a Mom I know how hard it is to find time to do the things the way that you wish them to be done. Cooking is one such chore that often gets short changed. However, once I got a modern toaster oven that all changed. Not only was I able to cook healthy and tasty meals for everyone, I was also able to save work and time in the process. This one purchase has turned out to be a true blessing. With that in mind I thought I would give a quick review of the Breville BOV800XL, which turned out to be my savior in the kitchen.

If you want to make delicious cookies, roast succulent meat and bake perfect pizza, then this is the oven for you. We have read the most popular review sites. They all seem to have the BOV800XL, or the newer BOV845BSS, ranked as the best toaster oven for your cooking efforts. User feedback and ratings for this model are extremely high. It is perhaps the most modern model that you can buy.

Fast Cooking

If you want to cook your food really fast, you can use the convection option, which speeds your cooking time by up to 30%. Not only is this oven fast, but also can distribute heat evenly throughout its interior changing the heat distribution so that different foods can be prepared quickly and easily. In addition, you will be able to choose the right setting for the type of food you are going to cook. Cooking has the flexibility you want thanks to this oven, as you can adjust its heating elements whenever you need to.

Easy Cooking

Cooking has never been easier as you will be able to use the right settings for your food. You can customize settings according to your personal taste, recipe, and volume of food. These settings will remain in the machine’s memory till you turn it off. In addition, this oven has been constructed from high quality, durable materials ensuring your total satisfaction down the road. For instance, reinforced stainless steel has been used to house this oven, which is an important feature.

More Even Heating

Since the cooking elements are made of quartz, you will get the even heating you want as the oven can respond quickly to any heat change. Cleaning this smart oven is a cinch as its interior has been coated with a special material that can endure high temperatures. The drip/crumb tray makes the cleaning process easier because it can be accessed from the oven’s front. You will not burn your hands because this oven has been designed with this in mind, and food is very easy to remove here.

Fast Performance

It has been designed in such a way that you can cook any meal in a hurry without any issues, which translates in less energy consumed with a cooler kitchen. In addition, this oven is sleek and beautiful functioning very well at all times. In fact, this oven is visually appealing and stylish and has been engineered very well. The functionality of this machine has been very well thought out, and you will note this fact upon unpacking the unit. In fact, this oven is very easy to use featuring a huge capacity.

Should I buy the BOV800XL Smart Oven?

This oven can heat fast and even more evenly than many of its competitors, and is sold at an affordable price. Users can change the wattage and adjust certain elements at ease, which is something that makes this oven stand out. The stainless assembly and finish is made of high quality materials too. In addition, its control knobs and oversized handle give this oven a feel of high quality right out of the box. Though there may be a slight learning curve to deal with this machine, you will get what you want in no time. This cooker is both large and fast and it is perfect to experiment with tasty toaster oven recipes.


– Convection toaster oven with nonstick interior.
– Element IQ technology that allows users to get control over heat.
– User-friendly control panel.
– Auto-eject wire rack.
– Removable crumb tray.


– You will not have to worry about anything burning on this oven, as the machine knows what to do in these cases.
– The oven will work flawlessly for you at all times in a wide range of settings.
– There is an outstanding customer support service behind this oven, and you wil love it.


– This oven’s lower quartz elements might stop working for all functions.
– It should have an extra wire rack.


With a sleek design and powerful, accurate performance, the BOV800XL Smart Oven is designed to provide years of reliable performance in your kitchen. You will love the fact that this oven is very easy to use cooking food fast and deliciously at all times. This is a high end convection countertop oven that will definitely make you the envy of all of your friends.