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Breech Turning Techniques

Prenatal Breech Issues - discusses numerous ways to turn a breech baby.

AOCG Report on External Cephalic Version - report discusses which patients are candidates for external cephalic version, risks and benefits of the procedure, predictive factors of its success or failure, use of tocolysis, and cost implications of the procedure.

Guidelines for External Cephalic Version (EVC) of a Breech Presentation- a nice concise article about EVC and a brief explanation of how to conduct a vaginal breech birth.

External Breech Versions - this link has a description of an external cephalic version, plus it is on a nice web site. Follow the link for external breech version.

One Midwife's Collection of Breech Turning Technique 

Jane O'Hare- Lists the numerous ways to turn a breech baby

Breech Presentation and acupuncture

Hypnosis may help turn baby in a breech birth -

Mothercare Website - looking at the choices needed to be made, then at what can be done. An excellent resource for breech information.

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network)- this is the main link to their website. Click here for their breech breech turning info. If you are in a VBAC situation, this is the site for you.

Webster Technique Links - here are some links to information regarding this chiropractic technique that is stated to help a breech baby to turn.




This website has an opinion against the Webster Technique






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